Burnin' It Down

Choreographer: Laura Burry
Description 32 Count 2 Wall Line Dance
Music: Burnin' It Down - Old Boots, New Dirt by Jason Aldean

#32 Count Intro, begin dance on word 'fingers'

Left Nightclub 2 Step, Right Nightclub 2 Step w/ 1/4 Turn Left
1-2 Step left to left, drag right beside
3-4 Rock right behind, recover left
5-6 Step right to right, drag left beside
7-8 Rock left behind, turn 1/4 left and recover right

Left Mambo Forward, Right Mambo Back
1-4 Rock left forward, recover right in place, step left next to right, hold
5-8 Rock right back, recover left in place, step right next to left, hold

Rhumba Boxes
1-2 Step left foot to left side, step right foot together
3-4 Step left foot forward, touch right beside
5-6 Step right foot to right side, step left foot together
7-8 Step right foot back, touch left beside

1/4 Turn Left Lock Step, Scuff, Jazz Box
1-4 Step left 1/4 turn left, drag right, step left, scuff right
5-8 Step right over left, step back on left, step right, touch left

Contact: laura.burry@gmail.com