Blue Note

Choreographer: Jan Smith (UK)
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Big Blue Note - Toby Keith 35 Biggest Hits by Toby Keith, Honkytonk University CD (BPM 115)
Intro:16 beats in as vocals start

Walk Walk Shuffle Rock Recover Turn 1/4 Side Shuffle

1 - 2 Walk forwards right, left,
3 & 4 Shuffle forwards stepping right left right
5 - 6 Rock forward on left foot, recover weight to right
7 & 8 Turning 1/4 left into a side shuffle stepping left to left, close right to left, Step left to left

4 Step Weave, Cross Rock Recover, Side Shuffle
9 - 12 Step right across left, step left to left, Step right behind left, step left to left
13-14 Cross Rock right over left, recover weight to left,
15&16 Side shuffle right, stepping right to right, close left to right, Step right to right

4 Step Weave With 1/4 Turn Right, Step Pivot Half, Half Turning Shuffle
17 - 20 Step left across right, Step right to right, Step left behind right, turn 1/4 to right on right foot
21 - 22 Step forwards left, pivot 1/2 right,
23&24 1/2 shuffle right - stepping left forwards turning 1/4 right, close right to left and turn 1/4 right stepping back on left foot

Back, Hook, Shuffle, Jazz Box 1/4 Turn Right
25 - 26 Step back on right foot, hook left foot across right,
27&28 Shuffle forwards stepping left, right, left
29 - 32 1/4 turning jazz box - stepping right across left stepping back on left, turn 1/4 right onto right foot, close left to right.