Blackpool Stroll

Choreographed by Doug and Edith Clarke
Description Partner Dance - Sweetheart Position
Music There Goes - 34 Number Ones - Alan Jackson

1-2 Walk forward on left, right
3-4 Walk forward on Left, Touch right toe out to right side
5-6 Walk forward on right, left
7-8 Walk forward on right, Touch left toe out to left side

9-12 Left box step with 1/4 turn to left to face I.L.O.D
(drop left hand & bring right hand over ladies head)
13-16 Right vine with 1/2 turn to right
(bring right hand over ladies head to face O.L.O.D)

17-20 Left vine with 1/4 turn to left Kick right forward
(left, right, 1/4 turn on left & kick right forward)
21-22 Walk back on right, left,
23-24 Walk back on right & touch left to right
25-28 Left vine, touch right to left
29-32 Right vine, (touch left to right) Lady can do a rolling vine

33&34 Left Shuffle forward
35&36 Right Shuffle forward
37&38 Left Shuffle forward
39&40 Right Shuffle forward

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