Better Life

Choreographer: Lesley Klewinghaus (SA)
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Better Life - Keith Urban (Album: The Story So Far)

Intro: 24 counts

[1 – 8] Chasse Right, Back Rock, Rocking Chair
1&2 Step right to side, step left together, step right to side
3-4 Rock left behind right, recover on right
5-6 Rock forward on left, recover on right
7-8 Rock back on left, recover on right

[9 – 16] Left Shuffle Forward, Jazz box 1/4 Turn Right, 1/2 Pivot Turn
1&2 Step L forward, step R beside left, step L forward
3-4 Step R across L, step L back
5-6 Step R to side of L turning 1/4 right, step L next to R (facing 3)
7-8 Step R forward, turn 1/2 left moving weight to left (facing 9)

[17 – 24] Stomp Right Foot Twice With Hand Claps, Heel dig Left Foot Twice, Behind, Side Cross, Point Right Leg
1-2 Stomp R twice besides L while clapping hands twice
3-4 Dig L heel twice besides R
5-6 Step L behind right, step right to side
7-8 Step L over right, point R to side

[25 – 32] Right Mambo Forward, Step to Side, Left Mambo Forward, Step to Side, Scuff Step Twice
1&2 Rock R forward, recover on L, step R to side of L
3&4 Rock L forward, recover on R, step L to side of R
5-6 Scuff R foot, step forward on right
7-8 Scuff L foot, step forward on left

Just DANCE and have fun