Beer Goggles

Choreographed by Michael Diven
Description: 32 count, 4 wall line dance Level: Beginner Intermediate
Music: Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On - The Very Best of Neal McCoy by Neal McCoy

Choreographer's Note: Begin dance on vocals.

Cross Rock, Recover, Side Shuffle, Cross Rock, Recover, Side Shuffle
1-2 Cross rock, left over right, recover weight back onto right foot
3&4 Left side shuffle
5-6 Cross rock right over left, recover weight back onto left foot
7&8 Right side shuffle

Cross, Step, Left Sailor, Cross, Step, Sailor with 3⁄4 Turn Right
1-2 Cross left over right foot, step right to right side
3&4 Left sailor step
5-6 Cross right over left
7&8 Right sailor step with a 3⁄4 turn to the right

Step, Kick, Right Coaster, Step, Touch, Right Camel Walk Back
1-2 Step left foot forward, kick right foot forward
3&4 Right coaster step in place
5-6 Step left foot forward, touch right toe next to left foot
7&8 Right camel walk backwards, stepping right foot back, cross step left over right, step right foot back

Toe Strut Backwards w/ 1⁄2 Pivot, Kick (x2), Left Camel Walk Backwards, Step, Pivot 1⁄2 Turn, Hold
1-2 Step back on left foot while turning 1⁄2 turn left, step forward on right foot
3-4 Kick left foot forward twice
5&6 Left camel walk backwards, stepping left foot back, cross step right over left, step left foot back
7-8 Step back on right foot and pivot 1⁄2 turn right, hold on count 8