Basic Honky Tonk Anatomy

Choreographer: Thomas Haynes (USA)
Description 32 count, 4 wall, beginner level
Music: Drinkin' Bone - Tracy Byrd: Greatest Hits by Tracy Byrd, Truth About Men; Come Go With Me by Beach Boys
Start on vocals

1-8 Heel cross, Shuffle Forward
1-2 Touch Right heel forward, cross right toe in front of left shin
3&4 Shuffle forward right, left, right
5-6 Touch left hell forward, cross left toe over right shin
7&8 Shuffle forward left, right, left

9-16 Cross Rocks and Shuffle in place
1-2 Cross Rock right over left, step left in place
3&4 Shuffle in place Right, left, right
5-6 Cross rock left over right, step right in place
7&8 Shuffle in place left, right, left

17-24 1/2 turn left triple forward vine left
1-2 Step forward on right pivot 1/2 turn left, step left
3&4 Shuffle forward right, left, right
5-6 Step left to left, cross step right behind left
7-8 Step left to left, touch right toe next to left

25-32 1/4 right & left shuffle forward right jazz box
1&2 Turning 1/4 right shuffle forward right, left, right
3&4 Shuffle forward left, right, left
5-6 Cross right over left, slightly back with left
7-8 Step to right with right, Step left next to right