Badonkadonk Two

Choreographed by Barb & Dave Monroe
(Adapted from the line dance Badonkadonk by Hot Pepper)
Description: 32 count Beginner Intermediate Partner dance
Music: Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Single Edit) - Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (115 bpm, CD: Songs About Me

Footwork is the same for the man and lady. Start in cape position.

Rock Left Forward,Rock Left Back,Step Left Forward, Lock Right, Left Forward Shuffle
1.4 Rock Left forward, replace weight onto right foot, rock left back, replace weight onto right foot
5.6 Step Left forward, lock right foot behind left
7&8 Left forward shuffle

Rock Right Forward, Right Coaster Step, Left Forward Shuffle, Right Kick, Step, Touch Left to Side
9.10 Rock Right forward, replace weight onto left foot
11&12 Right back coaster step
13&14 Left forward shuffle
15&16 Kick right foot forward, step right foot in place, touch left toe to left side

Cross Step Left over Right, Touch Right Toe to Side, Cross Step Right over Left, Touch Left Toe to Side
17.18 Cross step left over right foot, touch right toe to right side
19.20 Cross step right over left foot, touch left toe to left side
21.22 Repeat steps 17-18
23.24 Repeat steps 19-20

Left Forward Shuffle, Right Forward Shuffle, Step Left Forward, Right Forward, Bump Left Hip, Bump Right Hip
25&26 Left forward shuffle
(option: make 1/4 left turn, dropping left hands and raising right hands)
27&28 Right forward shuffle
(option: continue turning 1/4 left turn, picking up left hands again)
29.30 Walk forward left, right
(option: continue turning 1/2 turn left by stepping left, right, raising left hands and dropping right hands)
31.32 Bump hips left, right , rejoining right hands.