Back Street

Choreographer George De Baat
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Intermediate Line Dance
Music Lovin On Back Streets - Straight from the Heart by Daryle Singletary 108bpm

Jazz Box With Cross, Side, Close, Step Fwd, Touch
1-2 Step Right over Left, Step back on Left Foot
3-4 Step Right Foot to right side, Cross Left over Right Foot
5-6 Step Right Foot to right side, Step Left next to Right Foot
7-8 step forward on Right, Touch left next to Right Foot

Side, Close, Step Backward, Kick, Step Backward, Recover, Step Fwd, Pivot 1/4 Turn Left
1-2 step left to left side, step right next to Left
3-4 Step back on left, kick Right Foot forward
5-6 Step right foot back, recover weight onto left
7-8 Step forward on Right, On left foot Step 1/4 turn to the left

Restart here on wall 5

Figure 8 Vine With 1/4 Turn Left
1-2 Step right on right foot step left behind right, [9]
3-4 Step 1/4 turn right on right foot, step forward on left
5-6 pivot 1/2 turn right weight ends on right foot [6] step 1/4 left on left foot
7-8 Step Right behind Left, step 1/4 left on left (you should now be facing 6 o'clock wall)

Step, Recover, Lock Step, 1/4 Turn Left, Walk x2
1-2 Step forward on Right Foot, recover weight onto Left
3-5 Lock step back, stepping back on right cross left in front of right step back on right
6 On left foot Step 1/4 turn to the left
7-8 walk forward right, left

Start Again

Restart in wall 5 after count 8 of Section 2 [9]