Another Crash & Burn

Choreographer: Yvonne Anderson
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Crash & Burn - Thomas Rhett, single - iTunes

Notes: Start on vocal. No Tags or Restarts and finishes on front wall…woo hoo!
Please note this dance was written for a USA event the music is new and as yet not on iTunes UK.
It is on Google Play but if you have trouble locating the music please contact me

[1-8] Right Heel Grind, Side, Ball, Step, Hitch, Rolling Vine Right, Touch
1-2 Grind R heel across left, Step L to left [12]
&3-4(&) Step R beside left, Step L to left, Hitch R knee (preparing to turn) [12]
5-8 1/4 turn right stepping R forward, 1/2 turn right stepping L back, 1/4 right stepping R to side, Touch L toes beside right [12]

[9-16] Left Dorothy Step, Heel, Hook, Right Dorothy Step, Heel Hook
1-2& Step L forward to left diagonal, Lock R behind left, (&) Step L slightly forward [11.30]
3-4 Touch R heel forward, Hook R across left [11.30]
5-6& Step R forward, Lock L behind right, (&) Step R slightly forward [1.30]
7-8 Touch L heel forward, Hook L across right [1.30]

[17-24] Rock Forward, Recover, 1/4 Turn Left, 1/2 Turn Right, Cross Shuffle
1-2 Rock L forward (squaring off to wall), Recover weight on R [12]
3-4 1/4 turn left stepping L to side, Step R across left [9]
5-6 1/4 turn right stepping L back, 1/4 turn right stepping R to side [3]
7&8 Step L across right, (&) Step R to side, Step L across right [3]

[25-32] Step Side, Sailor Step, toe Turn, Step, 1/2 Turn Step
1 Step R to right [3]
2&3 Step L behind right, (&) Step R slightly right, Step L to left [3]
4-5 Touch R toes back, 1/2 turn right taking weight on R [9]
6-8 Step L forward, 1/2 turn right taking weight on R, Step L forward [3]


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