Angel Sway

Choreographer: The Weardos
Count: 32 Wall: 2 Level: Beginner Improver
Music: Earth Angel by Texas Tornados. CD: Love Songs

When main beat kicks in sway with the music right, left. Start dance on the word ‘Angel'

Section 1: Chasse Right, Sway, Chasse Left, Sway
1&2 Step right to right side, step left next to right, step right to right side swaying hips right
3-4 Sway hips left, right
5&6 Step left to left side, step right next to left, step left to left side swaying hips left
7-8 Sway hips right, left [12.00]

Section 2: Right Shuffle Forward, Left Rocking Chair, Left Shuffle Forward
1&2 Step forward on right, step left beside right, step forward on right
3-6 Rock forward on left, recover onto right, rock back on left, recover onto right
7&8 Step forward on left, step right beside left, step forward on left [12.00]

Section 3: Step Pivot, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, 1/2 Turn, Step Touch
1-2 Step forward on right, pivot 1/2 turn left
3&4 Shuffle 1/2 turn left, stepping right, left, right
5-6 Step back on left, make 1/2 turn right stepping forward on right
7-8 Step left forward to left diagonal, touch right beside left [6.00]

Section 4: Back Touch, Full Turn Rolling Vine, Touch Ball Cross Touch
1-2 Step right back to right diagonal, touch left beside right
3-4 Step left to left side making 1/4 turn left, make 1/2 turn stepping back on right,
5-6 make 1/4 turn stepping left to left side, touch right beside left
&7-8 Step on ball of right, cross left over right, touch right beside left [6.00]