American Ride

Choreographer: Margo LaMotta
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Ultra Beginner Line Dance
Music: Good Directions by Billy Currington [124 bpm Doin' Something Right]

Alt. Music:-
Brick House by The Commodores [The Ultimate Collection ]
Ladies Night by Kool & The Gang [Celebration-Best Of ]
Everyday America by Sugarland [CD: Enjoy the Ride ]
Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood [CD: CD Single]
Who Let The Dogs Out by The Baha Men [132 bpm / Who Let The Dogs Out ]

Start dancing on lyrics

Step Right, Step Together, Step Right, Hitch Left, Repeat on Left
1-2 Step right forward, bring left together and step
3-4 Step right forward, hitch left knee
5-6 Step left forward, bring right together and step
7-8 Step left forward, hitch right knee

Walk Back 3, Heel Clap, Repeat Other Side
1-3 Walk right back, walk left back, walk right back
4 Place left heel in front and clap at same time
5-7 Walk back left, walk back right, walk back left
8 Place right heel in front and clap at same time

Slide to the Right, Heel Click, Slide to the Left, Heel Click
1-2 Step right to side, slide step left together
3-4 Fan heels out, bring heels together
5-6 Step left to side, slide step right together
7-8 Fan heels out, bring heels together

Rock Forward, Rock Back, 1/4 Pivot Turn, Stomp, Clap
1-2 Rock right forward, recover to left
3-4 Rock right back, recover to left
5-6 Step right forward, 1/4 turn to the left
7-8 Step right together, clap