American Kids

Choreographer: Jane Ditch
Description 32 Count 2 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: American Kids - American Kids - Single by Kenny Chesney

Start dancing on vocals

Vine Left, Touch Out In, Step Side, Touch
1-4 Step L to side, step R behind L, Step L to side, touch R next to L
5-6 Touch R out to side, touch R next to L
7-8 Step R to side, touch L next to R

Step Back, Touch Front, Step Back Touch Front, Step Back, Touch Front, Twist
1-2 Step L back, touch R forward
3-4 Step R back, touch L forward
5-6 Step L back, tour R forward
7-8 Twist R knee in (at same time lift R hip), return to original position

Kick Front, Jazz box With 1/4 Left, Swivels, Step Touch Right and Left, Shuffle Forward
1 Small kick front with R foot
2-5 Cross R over L, step back on L making 1/4 turn L, step R to side, step L next to R
6-8 Swivel heels L, swivel toes L, swivel heels L

Skate Left, Skate Right, Step Side, Cross Back, 3/4 Turn Right
1-2 Step L diagonally forward, touch R next to L
3-4 Step R diagonally forward, touch L next to R
5-6 Step L side, cross R behind L
7-8 3/4 Turn R