All Wrapped Up

Choreographer: Tracey Barrett (UK) (revised)
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music: Wrapped - It Just Comes Natural by George Strait 110 bpm (32 count intro).
Brand New Bow by Toby Keith 118 bpm (40 count intro) (CD: White Trash With Money)
Arizona On My Mind by Jake Mathews 112 bpm (32 count intro) (CD: Time After Time)
Dreamworld by The Olsen Brothers 114 bpm (CD: Fever 12)
That's How Much You Mean To Me by Hal Ketchum 113 bpm (16 count intro) (CD: Simply The Best Line Dancing Album, Disc 1)

Note 1: When using the George Strait track, to finish the dance complete the final hip bumps then step right to right side and hold. (Don't worry, you'll hear where it comes)

Note 2: This dance was intended to fit lots of different music, so has been specifically choreographed with no bridges or restarts.

Section 1 Step Right to Right Side, Scuff Left, Cross Shuffle, 1/4 Turn Right, 1/4 Turn Right, Triple 1/2 Turn Right

1-2 Step right to right side, Scuff left
3&4 Cross left over right, Step right to right side, Cross left over right
5-6 Step Right 1/4 turn right, step 1/4 turn right with left (6:00)
7&8 Turning 1/2 right triple Right, Left, Right (12:00)
Faces: 12:00

Section 2 Rock, Recover, Triple 1/4 Turn Left, Rock, Recover, Triple 3/4 Turn Right

1-2 Rock forward on Left, recover on Right
3&4 Turning 1/4 left triple Left, Right, Left (9:00)
5-6 Rock forward on Right, recover on left
7&8 Turning 3/4 right triple Right, Left, Right (6:00)
Faces: 06:00

Section 3 Rumba box Leading Forward Left

1-2 Step forward left, Hold
3-4 Step Right to Right side, Left beside Right
5-6 Step back Right, Hold
7-8 Step Left to Left side, Step Right beside Left

Section 4 Grapevine 1/4 Turn Left, Touch. hip Bumps Right, Left, Right, Left

1-2 Step Left to left side, step Right behind left
3-4 Step Left to side turning 1/4 left, touch Right beside left
5-8 Stepping right slightly out and forward bump hips Right, Left, Right, Left

Start Again from the Beginning, and Enjoy