All That Money

Choreographer: Jules Langstaff (UK)
Description 32 Count 4 Wall, Beginner Line Dance
Music: Let It Roll Let it Ride by The Cherry Bombs, CD The Notorious Cherry Bombs (130 bpm)

32 count intro - On main vocals
(Dance rotates in CCW direction)

Hitch Ball Cross. Unwind 1/2 Turn Right (Swivelling Heels Left). Swivel. Swivel 1/4 Turn Right.Walk. Walk. Point.
1&2 Hitch right knee across left. Step ball of right to right side. Cross left over right.
3 Unwind 1/2 turn right swivelling heels further left (to end facing Right diagonal).
4 Swivel heels right (now facing Left diagonal).
5 - 6 Swivel heels left turning 1/4 turn right. Walk forward on left.
7 - 8 Walk forward on right. Point left toe to left side. (Facing 9 o'clock)

Toe Switches. Heel Switches. Forward Rock. Right Shuffle 1/2 Turn Right.
&1&2 Step left beside right. Point right toe to right side. Step right beside left. Point left toe to left side
&3&4 Step left beside right. Touch right heel forward. Step right beside left. Touch left heel forward.
&5 - 6 Step left beside right. Rock forward on right. Recover weight onto left.
7&8 Right shuffle 1/2 turn right stepping right, left, right. (Facing 3 o'clock)

Toe Strut Forward x 2. Forward Rock. Left Triple 1/2 Turn Left.
1 - 2 Touch left toes forward. Drop Left heel to floor (taking weight on left).
3 - 4 Touch right toes forward. Drop right heel to floor (taking weight on right).
5 - 6 Rock forward on left. Recover weight onto right.
7&8 Left triple step in place turning 1/2 turn left stepping left, right, left. (Facing 9 o'clock)

Right Side Rock. Cross. Point. Behind. Side. Cross. Point.
1 - 2 Rock right to right side. Recover weight onto left.
3 - 4 Cross step right over left. Point left toe to left side.
5 - 6 Cross left behind right. Step right to right side.
7 - 8 Cross step left over right. Point right toe to right side.