All Those Years

Choreographer: Greywolf & Wiya Wambli
Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner Intermediate
Music: All Those Years - The Key Vince Gill (98 BPM)

Alt. Track: Travis Tritt A Hundred Years From Now ( 120 BPM)

Sway Left, Sway Right, 1/4 Turn Left, Point Fwd, Touch Back, 1/2 Turn Right, Shuffle Fwd
1-2 LF step left and hip to the left RF step right and hip to the right
3-4 LF 1/4 turn left and step forward RF point toe forward ( 9.00)
5-6 RF touch toe back turn 1/2 right and put weight on the RF
7&8 LF step fwd & RF step next to LF & LF step fwd ( 3.00)

Side, Hold & Together, Side, Touch, Rock Step, 1/2 Turn L, Shuffle Fwd
9-10 RF step right Hold
&11-12 & LF step next to RF RF step right LF touch next to RF
13-14 LF rock forward weight back on RF
15&16 1/2 turn left on RF and LF step fwd & RF step next to LF & LF step fwd ( 9.00)

Across, Point, Across, Point, Across, Unwind, Kick Step Touch
17-18 RF step across LF LF point touch toe left
19-20 LF step across RF RF point touch toe right
21-22 RF step across LF unwind 3/4 turn left ( weight on LF)
23&24 RF kick fwd & RF big step to right & LF touch toe next to RF (12.00)

Step, 1/2 Pivot Turn R, Shuffle Fwd, Rock Step, Triple Step
25-26 LF step fwd RF&LF 1/2 turn right (6.00)
27&28 LF step fwd & RF step next to RF & LF step fwd
29-30 RF rock fwd weight back on LF
31&32 1 1/4 turn right ( RLR) on the spot ( ending with weight on RF) (9.00)

Option: count 31&32: 1/4 turn right ( RLR) on the spot.

Start Over.