A Little Bit of Something

Choreographer: Iris M. Mooney
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Plus Line Dance
MUSIC: Too Much Candy For a Dime - Eddy Raven: 20 Favorites by Eddie Raven My Guy by Scooter Lee

Kick Ball Cross, Slide Right
1&2 Kick Right 45 degree angle right, step on ball of Right, cross step Left in front of Right
3&4 Kick-ball-cross
5-8 Slide Right to right (count of 4) dragging Left along side of Right

Kick Ball Cross, Slide Left
1&2 Kick Left 45 degree angle left, step on ball of Left, cross step Right in front of Left
3&4 Kick-Ball-Cross
5-8 Slide Left to left (count 4) dragging Right along side of Left

Step, Turn 1/8 Left Four Times (Turning 1/2)
1-2 Step right, turn 1/8 left
3-4 Step right, turn 1/8 left
5-6 Step right, turn 1/8 left
7-8 Step right, turn 1/8 left

Jazz box Turning 1/4 Right
1 Cross Right over in front of Left
2 Step Left 1/4 right stepping back
3 Step Right next to Left
4 Touch Left in place

Lindy Left With Rocks
1&2 Lindy Left, Right, Left (same as a shuffle)
3-4 Rock back Right, Rock forward Left

Begin Again