Choreographer: Aggie Gulley
Description 24 Count 4 Wall Beginner waltz
Music: Alibis - Tracy Lawrence

Intro: 12 Beats

[1-6] Left Twinkle, 1/4 Turn Right Twinkle
1-3 Cross L over R, Side rock R, Recover on L
4-6 Cross R over L, Step back on L turning 1/4 R, Step on R (3:00)

[7-12] Fwd Step, Triple Forward, Cross, Hold, Recover
1,2&3 Step fwd on L, Step fwd on R, Step together on L, Step fwd on R
4-6 Cross L over R (both knees bent), Hold (rise on balls of both feet) Recover onto R

[13-18] Step, Rock Behind, Recover, Step, Rock Behind, Recover
1-3 Step L foot to L, Rock R foot behind L, Recover on L
4-6 Step R foot to R, Rock L foot behind R, Recover on R

[19-24] Cross Step, 1/4 Turn Step, Step, Back Step, 1/4 Turn Step, Step
1-3 Cross L over R, Step R to R with 1/4 turn L, Step L
4-6 Step back with R, Turn 1/4 L stepping L, Step together R (9:00)

Dance starts over.

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