A Good Day to Run

Choreographed by Anna Balaguer
Description 32 Count: 4 Wall Intermediate Line Dance
Music: A Good Day to Run - Have You Forgotten? by Darryl Worley

Rock, Recover, Back 3/4 Turn Shuffle, Cross, Stomp
1-2 Rock forward on Left, Recover on Right
3&4 Shuffle backward turning 3/4 left stepping Left, Right, Left
5-6 Touch Right toe to right side, Brush Right toe beside left
7-8 Cross step Right over Left, Stomp Left beside Right

Step, Brush, Rock Back, Recover, Cross, Recover, Two Step Full Turn
9-10 Step Left forward, Brush Right beside Left
11-12 Rock back on Right touching Left heel forward, Recover on Left
13-14 Cross right over the left, replace on left
15 Step to right on Right turning 1/4 right
16 Step Left to left turning 3/4 right (now facing line of dance)

Kick Ball Cross, Toe, Toe, Step, Touch, Back, & Heel, Heel
17&18 Kick Right forward, Step on ball of Right, Cross Left over Right
19-20 Touch Right toe to right side, Touch Right toe beside Left
21-22 Step forward on Right, Touch Left toe behind Right foot
&23-24 Step Left backward, Touch Right heel forward, Touch Right heel diagonally to right side
Heel, & Back, Heel, Heel, Heel, Coaster Back, Shuffle
25&26 Touch Right heel forward, Step Right backward, Touch Left heel forward
27-28 Touch Left heel diagonally to left side, Touch Left heel forward
29&30 Left coaster step backward stepping Left, Right, Left
31&32 Shuffle forward stepping Right, Left, Right

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