Addicted To Love

Choreographed by Max Perry
Description: 32 count, 4 wall, low intermediate west coast swing line dance
Music: Addicted to Love - Addicted to Love - Single by Kimber Clayton [116 bpm CD: Line Dance Fever 6]

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Sugar Push, Syncopated Heel Touches, 1/4 Turn Left
1-2 Step right forward, step left forward
3-4 Cross touch right behind, step right back
&5 Step left together, touch right heel forward
&6 Step right together, touch left heel forward
&7 Step left together, step right forward & turn 1/4 left
8 Step left in place

Kick, Kick, Sailor Shuffle, Kick, Kick, Sailor Shuffle
1-2 Kick right forward and across left, kick right side
3 Cross right behind
&4 Step left side, step right in place
5-6 Kick left forward and across right, kick left side
7 Cross left behind
&8 Step right side, step left in place (sailor shuffle)

Cross over Rock Step, Weave Right, Heel Bounces With Hips
1-2 Rock step right across left, step left in place (rock step)
3-4 Step right side, cross left over
5 Large side step right leaving left toe on the floor
If you take a good size side step with the right foot, but not too large, while leaving the left toe in place, you should notice your left heel wanting to rise because of the size of the step with the right foot
6-8 Bounce left heel in place for 3-counts

Step, Cross, Hold, Step,Cross,Hold
& Step left in place
1-2 Cross right over, hold
& Step left side
3-4 Cross right behind. Hold

1/2 Turn Left, Stomp Right, Stomp Left
& Step left side
5-6 Step right forward and turn 1/2 left, step left in place
7-8 Stomp right together, stomp left in place (march,march)