A Shot of That Patron

Choreographer Wendy Mager
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music Aw Naw - A.M. by Chris Young

Intro: Start on the lyrics (16 counts after the hard beat starts)

Right Heel Grind, Right Coaster step, Left Heel Grind, Left Coaster step
1-2 Grind Right heel fwd, step Left slightly to the side
3&4 Step Right back, step Left next to Right, step Right fwd
5-6 Grind Left heel fwd, step Right slightly to the side
7&8 Step Left back, step Right next to Left, step Left fwd

Right Step Left Lock, Right Shuffle Fwd, Left Rock Recover, Left Shuffle Back
1-2 Step Right fwd, lock Left behind Right
3&4 Step Right fwd, step Left together, step Right fwd
5-6 Rock fwd on Left, recover to Right
7&8 Step Left back, step Right together, step Left back

Right Coaster Step, Left Step Fwd 1/4 Turn Right, Crossing Shuffle, 1/4-1/4 Turn Left
1&2 Step Right back, step Left next to Right, step Right fwd
3-4 Step Left fwd, 1/4 turn Right (weight to Right)
5&6 Step Left across Right, step Right to Right side, step Left across Right
7-8 Turn 1/4 Left and step Right back, turn 1/4 Left and step Left fwd

Walk Right Left, Right Left Heel Switches, Right Heel Hook Step, Left Heel Hook Step
1-2 Walk fwd Right then Left
3&4& Touch Right heel fwd, step Right down, touch Left heel fwd, step L down
5&6 Touch Right heel fwd, hook Right across Left, step Right fwd
7&8 Touch Left heel fwd, hook Left across Right, step Left fwd

To End Dance On The Front Wall:
On wall 10 (9:00)- start the first 16 counts but on counts 15-16 do- step back on Left, make a 1/4 turn Right while stepping on Right (instead of the Left shuffle back).

Contact: wmager@cfl.rr.com