A Little Cherry Pie

Choreographer: Justine Brown
Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Improver
Music: Little Yellow Blanket - Trail In Life by Dean Brody

Introduction: Very Quick Intro, start as first beat kicks in about 0.07secs

Walk, Walk, Rock Recover, Push, Walk, Walk, Mambo with Kick
1 - 2 Walk Forward on Right, Walk Forward on Left.
3 & 4 Rock Right Forward, Recover Back onto Left, Then Push Slide Both Feet Back Together, .
5 - 6 Walk Forward on Left Walk, Forward on Right.
7 & 8 Rock Forward on Left, Recover Back onto Right, Step Left in Place while Kicking Right.

Back Lock Back, Coaster Step, 1/4 Turn Vine, Grapevine with 1/4 Turn.
1 & 2 Right Step Back, Lock Left over Right, Step Back on Right.
3 & 4 Left Step Back, Right Step Beside, Left Step Forward.
5 & 6 1/4 Turn Left stepping Right Foot Forward, Cross Left Behind Right, Step Right to Side.
7 & 8 Step Left to Left Side, Cross Right Behind Left, 1/4 Turn Left stepping Left Forward.

Reverse Rumba Box, Mambo Forward, Step Back & Bump
1 & 2 Step Right to Right Side, Step Left Beside Right, Step Right Back.
3 & 4 Step Left to Left Side, Step Right Beside Left, Step Left Forward.
5 & 6 Rock Forward on Right, Recover Back onto Left, Step Right in Place.
7 & 8 Step Back on Left Foot while Bumping Hips Back, Bump Hips Forward, Bump Hips Back.

Kick, Back, Heel, Together, Step Lock Step, Step, 1/4 Pivot, Cross, Point, Flick.
1 & 2 Kick Right Forward, Step Right Back, Dig Left Heel Forward .
& 3 & 4 Step Left in Place, Step Right Forward, Lock Left Behind, Step Right Forward.
5 - 6 Step Left Forward, Pivot 1/4 Right.
7 & 8 Cross Left over Right, Point Right to Side, Lift and Flick Right Foot out to the Side

Please Feel free to add your own styling to this dance. And if you want to make it more
Difficult, why not add a turn on the Vine Sections, or make the walks into toe struts..