36 and Counting

Choreographed by Chris & Andrew Sparkes
Description 48 count partner dance, side by side holding inside hands, facing LOD
man on inside Mans steps listed ladies on opposite feet throughout
Music We Work It Out - Let's Put the Western Back in the Country - Joni Harms,

Cross touches, step slides, step touch on Right & Left
1-4 Left heel forward, left toe touch across right, left heel forward, touch left toe back,
5-8 Step left forward, slide right up to left, step left forward, scuff right forward
9-16 Repeat 1-8 above on opposite foot starting with Right

Box 1/4 turn, step slide, step scuff crossing over, on left and right
17-20 Step forward left, cross right over left, step back left making 1/4 turn to face, step in place right
21-24 Step forward left, crossing in front of lady, slide right up to left, step forward left making 1/4 turn to LOD, scuff right forward

25-32 Repeat 17-24 above on opposite foot starting with right
Raise hands over mans head on first cross, ladies head on second cross

Struts left and right
33-40 Step forward on left heel, bring toe down, repeat on right, left, right

Step, lock, step, scuff left and right
41-48 Step forward left, lock right behind left, step forward left, scuff right forward
Step forward right, lock left behind right, step forward right, scuff forward left

Just keep going, till the music stops