100% texan

Choreographer: Ellie Jordan
Description 32 count, 4 wall, Beginner Line Dance
Music: 100% Texan - Best of ...So Far by Kevin Fowler, Album Beer Bait And Ammo (144 bpm)
Fast intro

Section 1 Right Lock Step, Scuff Left, Left Lock Step, Scuff Right.
1-4 Step forward right Lock left behind right Step forward right scuff left forward.
5-8 Step forward left Lock right behind left Step forward left scuff right forward.

Section 2 Forward Right Rock Back and Hold, Back Left Rock Forward and Hold.
1-4 Rock forward on right, Rock back onto left Rock back on right and hold.
5-8 Rock back on left. Rock forward onto right. Rock forward on left. and hold.

Section 3 Right Rock Cross Shuffle, Left Rock Cross Shuffle.
1-2 Rock to right side on right. Rock onto left in place.
3&4 Cross right over left. Step left to left side. Cross right over left.
5-6 Rock to left side on left. Rock onto right in place.
7&8 Cross left over right. Step right to right side. Cross left over right.

Section 4 Lock Back Right, Kick Left, Left Coaster Turn Lleft and Hold.
1-4 Step back right. Lock left across right. Step back right. kick left forward.
5-8 Step back left. Step right beside left. Step 1/4 turn left onto left and hold