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Google have stated that every website should be compatible with Mobile Devices as well as Desktop Computers, so reluctantly we've bit the bullet and updated the website We've been hard at it for several weeks and we hope you like it. We've simplified the script pages so they should be easier to print and because of this we have dropped the pdf copies of the dances

For those of you who don't know Blazing Boots we've had an online presence since the mid 1990's providing line dancers with great line dance scripts by the top choreographers to country music. For those of you who haven't been here before, welcome!

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so many great dances

You'll love every one of them. We even have a classic line dance page, with the scripts for those wonderful dances that are still being danced when all the new ones have long been forgotten.


Line Dances

Line Dance scripts we carry lots of scripts - They are almost all to Country Music many without tags and restarts. We list dances from some of the top choreographers and some really good ones from new choreographers but one thing they all have in common they are to great country music, enjoy!


Partner dances

We also carry a great range of Partner Dances from some of the best choreographer's out there please feel free to check them out.




country music reviews

Country Music we do have some Music Reviews of Albums I've bought and loved and we also have articles about our favourite Country Music Artist.


country Artist

Country music line dancing wouldn't be anything without the country music artist that make it all happen click on the link to see some of the top artist