Choreographer: Sanna Alpsjo (Sweden)
Description 16 count, 2 wall, beginner level
Music Howdy by L. Young, CD: They Just Don t Know; Don t Be Cruel by Elvis Presley, CD:
Elvis 30 #1 Hits; Live To Love Another Day by Keith Urban, CD: Be Here

Section 1 Right Vine, Left Touch, Left Vine, Right Touch
1 - 2 Step R to R Side, Cross L behind R
3 - 4 Step R to R Side, Touch L Toe Next to R
5 - 6 Step L to L Side, Cross R behind L
7 - 8 Step L to L Side, Touch R Toe Next to L

Section 2 Right Step Turn 1⁄2, Right Shuffle, Left Rock, Left Back Shuffle
1 - 2 Step R Fwd, Turn 1⁄2 L (Weight on L)
3&4 Step R Fwd, Step L Next to R, Step R Fwd
5 - 6 Rock L Fwd, Recover on R
7&8 Step L Back, Step R Next to L, Step L Back

Choreographers note:
This is a nice “first dance”, a “Welcome to Linedance”- dance.
You ve got Vine, Touch, Step Turn, Shuffle and Rock Step in the same dance.
Choose any music you like, have Fun and Welcome to Linedance!