Sick n Tired

Choreographer: Linda Reese
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Tired Of Getting My Butt Kicked by The Bellamy Brothers

16 count intro - No Tags or Restarts

R Diagonal Step, Lock, Step, Brush, Repeat L Diagonal
1-4 Step right diagonal forward, step left behind right, step right diagonal forward, scuff or brush left
5-8 Step left diagonal forward, step right behind left, step left forward, scuff or brush right

Toe Heel Struts Forward 2X, Kick, Kick, Back Rock Recover
1-4 Step ball of right foot forward, drop right heel, step ball of left foot forward, drop left heel down
5-8 Kick right forward 2x’s, rock back on right, recover on left

Toe Heel Struts (Out, Out, In, In)
1-4 Touch ball of right slightly forward and to right side, drop right heel, touch ball of left slightly forward and to left side, drop left heel
5-8 Touch ball of right back to centre, drop right heel, touch ball of left back to centre, drop left heel

1/2 Chasse Turn L, 1/4 Chasse Turn L
1-4 Step right forward, pivot 1/2 turn left, step right forward, hold
5-8 Step left forward, pivot 1/4 turn right, step left forward, hold