Nip, Tug, & Squeeze

Choreographer: Norma J Fuller
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Gravity Is a B**ch - Platinum by Miranda Lambert,

Step Right, Left Heel toe Swivels, Left Diagonal Step, Heel toe Swivels
1-2 Step Right to side, swivel left heel toward right,
3-4 Swivel L Toes toward R, Swivel L heel toward R
5 Step Left diagonally forward
6-8 Swivel R heel toward Left, swivel L toes toward R, swivel Right heel toward left

Forward Diagonal Touch, Back Diagonal Touches, Left Step Back Hold
1-2 Step right diagonally forward, touch left beside
3-4 Step Left back diagonally left, touch right forward diagonally right
5-6 Step Right back diagonally right, touch Left forward diagonally left
7-8 Step Left back, slide right toward left

Weave Right, Step Left Together, Pivot 1/4 Turn Left
1-4 Step Right to side, cross Left over, step Right to side, cross step Left behind
5-8 Step Right to side, step left beside, Step Right forward pivot 1/4 left on Left

Weave Left, toe Touch Behind Right, Hold
1-4 Cross Right over left, step left to side, cross Right behind, step left to side
5-6 Cross Right over left, step left to side
7-8 Touch Right toe behind left side of left, HOLD Option: Elbows bent next to sides hands up (Oh Well)