My Kinda Music

Choreographed By Tony Minors
Description: 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Linedance
Music: My Kind of Music - My Kind of Music By Ray Scott

Right Rocking Chair, Right Heel Hook, Right Shuffle Forward,
1 - 4 Rock forward on right, Recover onto left, Rock Back Right, Recover onto left,
5 - 6 Tap right heel forward, hook right across in front of left
7 & 8 Shuffle forward on a right, left, right

Left Heel Hook, Left Forward Shuffle, Right Forward Rock Recover Left, Half Right Turning Shuffle.
9 - 10 Tap left heel forward, hook left in front of right,
11 & 12 Shuffle forward on a left, right, left
13 - 14 Rock forward on right, recover onto left
15 & 16 Shuffle half turn right on a right, left, right

Left Jazz Box With quarter Turn Left Touch , Right And Left Hip Bumps, Right Side Shuffle.
17 - 20 Cross step left over right, step back onto right, step down onto left as you a make a quarter turn left, touch right toe next to left.
21 - 22 Step onto right foot as you bump your hips right, then left, (weight ends on left foot)
23 & 24 Shuffle to the right on a right, left, right

Cross Rock Left Over Right Recover, Quarter Left Turning Shuffle, Step Forward Right Pivot Half Left, And Quarter Left.
25 - 26 Cross rock left over right, recover onto right,
27 & 28 Shuffle quarter turn left on a left, right, left,
29 - 30 Step forward onto right, pivot half turn left(weight ends on left foot)
31 - 32 step forward onto right, pivot quarter turn left,(weight ends on left foot)