Life's a Dance

Choreographer: Russell Breslauer
Description 32 Count 1 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Life's a Dance - The Very Best of John Michael Montgomery

Grapevine Right, Rocking Chair
1-2 Step right to right, Step left behind right
3-4 Step right to right, hitch left
5-6 Step left forward, recover on right
7-8 Step left back, recover on right

Grapevine Left, Rocking Chair
9-10 Step left to left, Step right behind left
11-12 Step left to left, hitch right
13-14 Step right forward, recover on left
15-16 Step right back, recover on left

Walk Forward, Rock, Rock, Rock, Together
17-20 Walk forwards stepping right, left, right and hitch left
21-24 Rock back on left, recover on right, rock back on left, step right next to left

Walk Back, Rock, Rock, Rock, Together
25-28 Walk backwards stepping left, right left and hitch right
29-32 Rock forward on right, recover on left, step forward on right, step left next to right


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