I Want Crazy

Choreographer: Jessica Carlson
Description 24 Count 2 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music I Want Crazy - I Want Crazy - Single by Hunter Hayes
Start after 16 count intro No Tags, No Restarts

Side Rocks With Full Triple Turn
1-2 Start with weight on left foot, rock right and recover on left
3&4 Triple step, right-left-right, full turn over right shoulder (towards back wall)
5-6 Rock left, recover on right
7&8 Triple step, left-right-left, full turn over left shoulder (towards back wall)
**Side note turns can be removed and a syncopated "behind-side-front" can be substituted. First turn would be right behind, left side and right front. Second turn would be left behind, right side and left front.

Jazz Boxes With a Quarter Turn
1-2-3-4 Cross right over left, left back, right side and left front with quarter turn to right
5-6-7-8 Repeat
End facing back wall
** Side note, you can put in crazy turns during chorus (wall 5, 10 and 14), he says crazy during this part, raise hands and shake while turning around, be sure to end up facing the opposite wall. Should turn 2 1/4 times

Kick and Touch, Walk, Spin
1&2 Kick right foot, Step onto right and point left foot to side
3&4 Kick left foot step onto left and point right foot to side
5-6 Walk forward right, left
7 Step forward with right but do a full turn over left shoulder
8 Step forward with left
** Side note, to make easier remove the turn on 7. Make this part bouncy, add your own flavour.
Dance ends right after the first 8 counts, facing the back wall, add an extra half spin and end crossing right foot over left.

Contact: carlson_jess@hotmail.com