Hey ey Momma

Choreographer: Felicia Jones
Description 16 Count 4 Wall High Beginner Line Dance
Music: Wagon Wheel - Wagon Wheel - Single by Darius Rucker

SECTION 1: Side Rock, Back Rock, Shuffle forward
1&2& Right side rock, recover to left. Right back rock, recover to left.
3&4 Right shuffle forward (right, left, right)

Forward Rock, Side Rock, Shuffle back
5&6& Left forward rock, recover to right. Left side rock, recover to right.
7&8 Left shuffle back (left, right, left)

SECTION 2: Side Rock, 1/4 turn, Step, Paddle 1/2 turn
1&2 Right side rock recover to left, 1/4 turn to left stepping right foot forward (9:00) Weight on right
3&4& Left foot paddle steps turning half turn to the right (3:00)

Side Rock, 1/4 turn, Step, Paddle 3/4 turn
5&6 Left side rock, recover to right, 1/4 turn to right stepping left foot forward (6:00) Weight on
7&8& Right foot paddle steps turning 3/4 turn back to the left (9:00)

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a) Although the counts are all syncopated- it is not a fast dance.
b) In section 2 the “step” count on 2 & 6 are key steps to transition next step.
c) In section 2 count 5 feels like another paddle step.

Contact: felicia@jonesfamilies.com