Choreographed by Carmela Saliba
Description 32 count beginner 2 WALL.
Music: Footsteps - The Ultimate Collection by Daniel O'Donnell

Rock Step, Shuffle, 1/2 Turn Right, Rock Step, Shuffle 1/2 Turn Left
1-2 rock forward on right, rock back on left
3&4 shuffle step turn 1/2 turn, stepping right, left right
5-6 rock forward on left, rock left on right
7&8 shuffle step 1/2 turn left, stepping left right left

Right Grapevine, Side Shuffle, Left Grapevine, Shuffle
1-2-3&4 step right to right, step left behind right, side shuffle right, left, right
5-6-7&8 step left to left, step right behind left, side shuffle left, right, left

Forward Right Shuffle, Rock Step,Back Left Shuffle, Rock Step
1&2 step forward right, close left beside right,step forward right
3-4 rock forward on left, rock back on right
5&6 step back on left, close right beside left, step back left
7-8 rock back on right forward on left

2X Paddle Turn Pivot 1/4 Left, Jazz Box Turn Left
1-2 Step Forward Right, Pivot 1/4 Turn Left
3-4 step forward right, pivot 1/4 turn left
5-6 cross right over left, step back left
7-8 step right to right side, close left beside right


Tag only at the end of the dance once with first
1-8 count and 1&2 step right to right side, left behind right, step right to right
3&4 step left to left, right behind left, step left to left