Flying Eights

(a.k.a. Yankee Shuffle)
Choreographed by Unknown
Description: 18 count, beginner line dance
Music: Stand Up - Mel McDaniel: Greatest Hits by Mel McDaniel [172 bpm ]
Take That Woman Away - Eye of a Hurricane by John Anderson
Beginners can use Elvira by Oak Ridge Boys for learning the steps.

1 Scoot forward on right foot, lifting left knee
2 Step left forward
3 Scoot forward on left foot, lifting right knee
4 Step right forward
5 Scoot forward on right foot, lifting left knee (from the left knee lift position go left with #6)
6 Step left to side
7 Cross right behind left
8 Step left to side
9 Hop on left foot, slightly lifting right knee (from right knee lift position go right with #10)
10 Step right to side
11 Step left foot cross behind right
12 Step right to side, pivot 1/4 turn to right
13 Step left forward
14 Rock right back
15 Rock left forward, pivot 1/2 turn to left
16 Step right forward
17 Rock left back
18 Rock right forward