Fire On The Mountain

Choreographer: Unknown
Description 18 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: The Fireman - The Very Best of George Strait (1981-1987) by George Strait

Step Sheet by Wanda Ryder

#16 count intro - Very fast dance, but lots of fun

Vine Right, Vine Left With Scuff
1-4 Step Right to side, step Left behind, step Right to side, touch Left
5-8 Step Left to side, step Right behind, step Left to side, scuff Right forward

Three Fast Walks Forward, 1/2 Turn Right & Hitch, Step, Hitch 2x
1-4 Walk forward Right, Left, Right, pivot 1/2 right on Right foot & hitch Left
5-8 Step Left, hitch Right, step Right, hitch Left

Step 1/4 Left, Hitch Right
1-2 Step Left 1/4 left & hitch Right

Repeat and Enjoy!