Crash & Burn

Choreographer: Gloria Stone,
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Crash And Burn Single by Thomas Rhett

Start with the lyrics - 16 counts

Rock Forward, Recover, Rock Side, Recover, toe Heel Strut X2
1 - 4 Rock Right forward, Recover Left, Rock Right side, Recover Left
5 - 8 Step Right toe back, Set Right Heel down, Step Left toe back, Set Left Heel down

Back Coaster, Forward Mambo
1 - 4 Step Right back, Step Left together, Step Right forward, Hold
5 - 8 Rock Left forward, Recover Right, Step Left together, Hold

Right Scissor, Weave Left
1 - 4 Step Right to right, Step Left together, Cross Right over Left, Hold
5 - 8 Step Left to left, Step Right behind Left, Step Left to left, Cross Right over Left

Left Scissor, 1/2 Turn
1 - 4 Step Left to left, Step Right together, Cross Left over Right, Hold
5 - 8 Step Right 1/2 turn to left, Step Left to left, Rock Right over Left, Recover Left

Have Fun !

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