Cracker Jack Box (aka, Making Me Feel EZ)

Choreographer: Lynn Card,
Description 16 Count Absolute Beginner Line Dance
Music: Making Me Feel - Laura Bell Bundy

(No Tags, No Restarts)

Section 1: Kick, Step Back, Touch Back, Step Forward, Jazz box 1/4 Turn to Right
1,2 Kick R forward, Step R back (you can also touch R forward like a Charleston)
3,4 Touch L back, Step L forward
5,6 Cross R in front of L, Step L back
7,8 1/4 turn to right stepping R forward, Step L next to R
(for fun and styling add snapping as you swing your arms back and forth during first 4 counts)

Section 2: Heel, Hook, Heel, Coaster Step, Heel, Hook, Heel, Coaster Step
1&2 Touch R heel forward, Hook R heel over L, Touch R heel forward
3&4 Step R back, Step L back next to R, Step R forward
5&6 Touch L heel forward, Hook L heel over R, Touch L heel forward
7&8 Step L back, Step R back next to L, Step L forward