Cowboy Boogie

(a.k.a. California Freeze, Charleston Rock, Ming Boogie, Watergate, The Louie)
Choreographed by Kelly Burkhardt
Description: 24 count, 4 wall, ultra beginner line dance
Music: Elvira - True Country by The Oak Ridge Boys 128 bpm, I Love A Rainy Night by Eddie Rabbitt 132 bpm Eddie Rabbitt All Time Greatest Hits CD: Most Awesome Linedancing Album Vol. 8, Swingin' by John Anderson 108 bpm CD: John Anderson: Ultimate Hits Country 'Till I Die Readers Digest 50 Years Of Country Easy Listening, Walk Of Life by Dire Straits 173 bpm Sultans Of Swing: The Very Best Of Dire Straits CD: Sultans of Swing - The Very Best of Dire Straits, The Fireman by George Strait 168 bpm Strait Out Of The Box
Guitar Town by Steve Earle 172 bpm Toe The Line 2

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Right Vine, Left Vine
1-2-3-4 Step right side, cross left behind, step right side, hop right side and hitch left
5-6-7-8 Step left side, cross right behind, step left side, hop left side and hitch right

Forward Step hop, Backward Movement
1-2 Step right forward, hop right forward and hitch left
3-4 Step left forward, hop left forward and hitch right
5-6-7-8 Step right back, step left back, step right back, hop right back and hitch left

Hip Boogies & Turn 1/4 Left
1-2 Step left forward and hip left, hip left
3-4 Hip right, hip right
5-6 Hip left, hip right
7-8 Hip left, hitch right
Turn 1/4 left to start the dance again