County Line

Choreographed by Unknown
Description: 20 count, 4 wall line dance
Music: I Ride a Horse by Raymond Froggatt, Horse To Mexico - Best Of by Trini Triggs any medium
pace cha cha, Two Pina Coladas - The World's Greatest Garth Brooks Tribute by Garth Brooks

Heel Touch, Toe Touch, Shuffle, Rock Replace
1 Touch right heel forward
2 Touch right toe back
3&4 Right shuffle forward
5 - 6 Rock forward onto left, replace onto right

Shuffle, Rock Replace, Shuffle, Step 1/2 Turn
7&8 Left shuffle back
9 - 10 Rock back onto right, replace onto left
11&12 Right shuffle forward
13 Step forward on left
14 Turn 1/2 turn to right

Shuffle, Step 1/4 Turn, Step 1/2 Turn
15&16 Left shuffle forward
17 Right step forward
18 Turn 1/4 turn to left
19 Step forward on right
20 Turn 1/2 turn to left


County Line Cha Cha Line Dance Video