Country Gal

Choreographer: Gabi Ibáñez
Description 32 Count 2 Wall Novice Line Dance
Music: Country Gal - Carry Me Back by Old Crow Medicine Show

Alt. music: Kiss Me Quick by Elvis Presley

Step, Slide, Step ,Touch, Step, Together, Step, Scuff With 1/4
1 - 2 Long step right to right. Slide left until right foot without the weight
3 - 4 Step left back. Touch right cross over left foot.
5 - 6 Step right forward. Step left forward next right foot.
7 - 8 Step right forward. Scuff left with 1/4 turn to right.

Step, Slide, Rock Step, Step Together, Step Together
9 –10 Long step left to left. Slide right until left foot without the weight.
11-12 Step right back leaving the weight. Return all the weight forward left foot.
13-14 Step right to right. Step left next right without the weight.
15-16 Step left to left. Step right next left without the weight.

Right Vine, Vine With 1/4 Turn
17–18 Step right to right. Cross left behind right foot.
19-20 Step right to right. Scuff left.
21-22 Step left to left. Cross right behind left foot.
23-24 1/4 turn to left step left forward. Scuff right.

Step, 1/2 Turn, Step, Hold , Step, Step, Stomp, Hold ( Opcional Turn)
25 - 26 Step right forward 1/2 turn to left
27 - 28 Step right forward. Hold
29 - 30 Step left forward. Step right forward *
31 - 32 Stomp left next right foot. Hold

*Option Counts 29-30: Turn Forward to Right

29 1/2 turn to right, leaving left foot back
30 1/2 turn to right, leaving right foot forward