Breaking In Two

Choreographer: Kate Jones & David Spencer
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: The Mavericks Collection - The Mavericks by The Mavericks, CD Best Of The Mavericks OR What A Crying Shame (134 bpm)

Quick intro, start on the word “Heart”...There Goes My HEART)

Right Heel Hook, Right Shuffle Forward, Left Toe Touches, Chasse Left
1-2 Tap right forward, Hook right foot across left,
3&4 Right shuffle forward stepping right-left-right
5-6 Touch left toe to left side, Touch left toe next to right,
7&8 Step left to left side, Close right next to left, Step left to left side

Walk Back x3, Cross Touch, Step Scuff x2

1-4 Walk back right, left, right, Cross touch left toe over right
5-6 Step forward left, Scuff right heel forward
7-8 Step forward right, Scuff left heel forward

Left Forward Rock, 1/4 Turn Left, Hold, Jazz Box Cross
1-2 Rock forward on left, Recover back onto right
3-4 Making 1/4 turn left step left to left side, Hold
5-6 Cross right over left, step back on left
7-8 Step right to right side, Cross left over right

Chasse Right, Back Rock, Chasse Left, Back Rock
1&2 Step right to right, Close left next to right, Step right to right
3-4 Rock back on left, Recover forward onto right
5&6 Step left to left, Close right next to left, Step left to left
7-8 Rock back on right, Recover forward onto left

Suggested Teaching Track: What A Crying Shame by The Mavericks (32 count intro)
Baby Please Come Home (16 count intro) by Scooter Lee (from FEVER 8)
Loving You Feeling (32 count intro) by Paul Bailey from Kickin' Country CD
Tonight At Fiesta by John Arthur Martinez (32 count intro) from Lone Starry Night CD